Candidate for the position of Vice President for Wellbeing and Engagement

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Daniel Halpin


Return RAG (Raise and Give) week to its charitable foundations, by working closely with establishments throughout Sligo and other key stakeholders. This will allow ATU Sligo students to show their kindness and generosity while helping local charities.

Work alongside the Academic Life Officer to promote UDL (Universal Design for Learning) on the ATU Sligo campus. This allows all students to be examined in the ways that best suit them, which is key to reducing stress and improving student wellbeing throughout the year.

Implementing an “Education For All” campaign alongside the academic life officer that helps all student access tailored college tools and learning whether they are online-students (distance learning), full time students, apprentices, mature students or students with learning difficulties.

Leverage the nationally high student engagement levels in ATU Sligo to help implement my manifesto working alongside other SU officers, and to help implement a successful merger between all ATU Students Unions’.



Implement a “Black and White” mental health campaign, highlighting key mental health stigmas, and promoting a healthy work/social life balance.

Work with the President to bring back the role of “Clubs and Societies” Officer within the SU, a much-needed key role that helps run and maintain these groups throughout the year.

Organise more student events throughout the year such as Student Day at the Races, Clubs and Socs Awards Night etc., including alcohol free events which were highly successful by the SU this year.

Improve on the highly successful food & hygiene bank implemented by the SU this year, as this key resource is ever important during the cost-of-living crisis.

Campaign with other officers and students’ unions on a national level to help reduce the cost of third level in Ireland.

Run SHAG week 3x times per year during Freshers, Re-Freshers, and RAG week.

Work with the Access Office to implement more “Regulation Stations” and quiet zones on campus.



Continue with the great success achieved by the SU in lobbying USI and other stakeholders in their national anti-spiking campaign, and more deeply integrating with local stakeholders to help cut out spiking in Sligo.

Expand on the highly successful “Campus Watch” which is ran by the SU for students on busy nights out, by liaising more closely with event managers and local authorities on improving student safety.

Run a national campaign with the USI promoting the need for drug testing kits for college students in Ireland, similar to the highly successful pilot ran by the HSE at Electric Picnic last year.

Lobby to get college management to keep on-campus street lighting on longer at night-time particularly in winter months, increasing overall safety on campus outside college hours.

Increase awareness of domestic violence, gender-based violence and assault by running a year long campaign targeting these highly important issues.