Candidate for the position of Vice President for Wellbeing and Engagement

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Riadh Egan

About Me 

Hi everyone, my name is Riadh Egan. I am currently studying a postgraduate in Nutritional Product Development in ATU SLIGO and this year I have decided to run for Vice President of Wellbeing and Engagement.

Originally from Sligo I move to Letterkenny in Donegal where I studied a BSc Hons in Food Science and Nutrition in LYIT (now ATU Donegal). Shortly after that I studied Culinary on the Killybegs campus where I obtained my Chef certificate.

Clubs and Societies were a huge part of my college experience and in my 4th year I was awarded a scholarship as well as most outstanding club member for my involvement. It was during this time I realised the impact of clubs and societies and a healthy college involvement in our college experience. I hope to be able to bring this knowledge forward into this role if elected.

As a Nutritionist, Chef, Mental Health Advocate and Mum, I believe I have what it takes to be a strong candidate for the Wellbeing and Engagement role. Since studying my undergrad, I have worked in these areas so as a postgraduate student I have unique knowledge on the wellbeing of students.

I am a friendly and approachable person with an open-door policy and love getting to know new people. I am passionate about health and wellness and want to spread my passion with others, I would love today to be the person that my younger self needed and that’s why I want to be a voice for the students of ATU SLIGO



  • A Female Voice for Wellbeing and Engagement
  • Nutrition advice and workshops
  • Mental Health services, guest speakers and suicide awareness
  • Wellbeing packs
  • Free recipe book for nutritious and affordable meals
  • Wellness outings and events
  • Online learning supports.
  • Sustainability promotion to a greener campus
  • Wellbeing, yoga, and meditation room
  • Sexual health hubs, STI and safe sex supports.
  • Financial advice and budgeting workshops
  • Parental supports
  • introduction to gym programs and new exercise classes
  • More student events and clubs and societies
  • Non-alcohol events
  • Collaborate with ATU for a healthy campus initiative.
  • Celebration of diversity and inclusion on campus.
  • Collaborate with national organisations for a healthy student life
  • Living away from home initiative

Mental Health 

Mental health is a huge part of my life and something that I live with everyday. Growing up with anxiety and depression mental health was stigmatised and not something that was spoken widely about. this stigma is slowly minimising and I want to be able to be a part of this. 

If elected students will each get a wellness pack with information on mental health services and couselling. I propose guests speakers for mental health talks and workshops which I have ran around Ireland and had great feedback. A sucicde awareness program will be implemented as well as an its okay not to be okay campaign. 

Emphasis will be put on mental health awareness week and online and in person counselling will be available to students. 


Physical Health 

As a Nutritionist and Chef physical health is very important to me. An Free recipe book will be provided to students with healthy and cost effective recipes to get them through the college year. If elected I propose a wellness, yoga and meditation room as well as wellness outings and days on campus. 

An increase in excercise classes will be implemented as well as introduction to gym classes and weightlifting for students that want to start but dont know where to. Hiking events and swim/dip meets will also be arranged. 

Nutrition workshops and guest speakers will undergo throughtout the year and supports will be available for nutrition advice, food intolerences and eating disorders. 


Sexual Health 

If elected I will work to promote safe sex on campus as well as increase of hygiene products, Sti testing kits and condoms, 

Supports will be put in place for sexual assualt victims, spiking, and sexual harressment.