Candidate for the position of Mature Student Officer

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Shauna Mc Hugh

Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Shauna Mc Hugh. I am a second-year mature student studying English and Psychology and I am running to remain your Mature Student Officer.

Since taking up the post in 1st year, I have created a sense of belonging and community for the Mature Students. I set up the Mature Student Society alongside other mature students and founded a space to facilitate friendship and support, I have gone to the Student Union with concerns and issues for individuals and groups, have petitioned for more Mature Student tailored events to be hosted, and rallied behind Mature Students in support when it was needed.

What I want to bring to the table for next year is to:

  • Be more involved in the Mature Student Induction.
  • Continue to be a support to incoming and current Mature Students.
  • Host more events centered around wellness and mental health with workshops specific to the needs of mature students.
  • Continue to be an advocate for the Mature Student Community for needs and support.

I believe that finding your network of people who are experiencing similar things in life, and college, as you are one of the most important things of college life. Being able to find people to support you and who you can develop a friendship with. I want to continue my work on supporting mature students.

Developing a Community. Supporting Friendship. Vote Shauna for Mature Student Officer.