Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer

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Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan S00221971 - Sustainability Officer Candidate 

My Manifesto 



To the students of ATU Sligo, 


My name is Ben Hogan. I am currently a first-year student studying English and Psychology in our university. The purpose of this manifesto is to put my hat in the running for our Student Union; specifically, the Sustainability Officer role. From a young age I have had a huge passion for nature. Much of my youth was spent outdoors whether it be playing football, camping, hiking or catching and releasing fish. I have a great admiration for the progress this campus has made regarding recycling and avoidance of plastic waste. However, I feel that if I were to obtain this role, I could help us to make even greater strides. If you decide to elect me, I have a number of aims for the college.  

Firstly, I wish to allocate space for 4 compost bins to be built around the campus. These will greatly reduce food/fruit waste and avoid the rotting smell of decaying by-products. This will also reduce our carbon footprint and will greatly benefit our Green Campus Initiative. 

I also aim to set up a communal garden near the front entrance of the college. Through this we could set up a gardening club through which mindfulness and relaxation can be encouraged. Also, any fruit and vegetables grown can be donated to local food pantries. Another main goal of mine is to create more water fountain and filling stations to promote the reduction of plastic bottle waste and help with the garden. 

I feel that funding for bikes could aid everyone in a highly beneficial way while reducing carbon emissions and traffic through promoting healthy habits. If successful, it could hopefully run similar to the bike to work scheme workplaces have had over the last few years.  

The promotion of more EU sustainability lectures and talks in the campus could also help teach all people young and old about how they can help change the planet they live on for the better. 

Also, the promotion of eco-friendly items in classrooms such as bio-degradable paper and bamboo pens would greatly benefit our Green Campus Initiative in a very easy manner. 

Finally, I hope that we can promote campus sustainability month more to hopefully encourage all of the student body to take even more of an interest to the environment in a fun and engaging way. 

Through the collective support and efforts of all our students, lecturers and student union, I believe we can continue to improve the lives of each and every person as well as the eco-system through our collective efforts. That is all I have to say at this moment. Thank you for your time.