Candidate for the position of Mature Student Officer

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Rachael O Toole

Hello my name is Rachael O’ Toole and I am studying Pharmaceutical Science on campus
here at A.T.U.

As a mature student, not just in this university but also previously, I know the supports we
need to achieve our goals.

If I succeed in becoming the mature student officer, my plan and prerogative is to highlight
and inform mature students of the supports available in ATU Sligo Academically and extra
curricular activities such as the mature student society (of which I am also a member of).
I will also help (in detail) with their application procedures and supply any information I can
about their course criteria professionally.

I would also be encouraging and provide advice and support to prospective mature
students, on open days and, if asked, I would provide information to other mature student
groups in colleges of further education and other learning institutions.

A mature student is somebody over the age of 23 on January 1st of their year of entry into
their university. I myself am 29 and got accepted to ATU from being a mature student on a
QQI course, and I have been a mature student officer when I was in DCU doing my
psychology degree. Therefore, I know I have the experience and the abilities to be an
innovative, successful, and supportive mature student officer.

Thank you.