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Sahar Takallou

Manifesto – Sahar Takallou

It is my goal as a candidate for the position of student union president to improve the lives of students on campus. Providing students with sufficient access to mental health services is a key priority in preventing stress and anxiety. Additionally, I intend to advocate for transparency and fairness in financial policy, revamp the student lounge, improve physical services, and introduce student canteen vouchers. By working together, we can create a campus that supports the well-being and success of all students.


  • Enhancing mental health services

Students' mental health is a crucial issue, so we have to provide adequate resources and support. It is my goal to ensure that students have access to mental health services on campus and the resources to cope with stress and anxiety. Increasing the number of mental health professionals is crucial to improve access to mental health services and to reduce wait times for appointments.


  • Advocating transparency and fairness in financial policy

Students should not have to worry about financial instability during their education. Financial instability should not be a concern for students during their education.


  • Improving physical services

Physical health is important for overall well-being, so as president, I will work to improve physical services around campus. Collaboration with local swimming pools ensures that students have access to affordable swimming facilities nearby. By providing affordable swimming facilities nearby, more students will engage in swimming activities, which will improve their health.


  • Introducing student canteen vouchers for a certain amount of lunch each month

Many students struggle with the cost of food, which is why food vouchers from the university canteen may provide some relief. The goal is to provide students of all income levels with access to nutritious and affordable meals.

To conclude, I believe that these five proposals are essential to improving the overall student experience on campus. Prioritizing mental health resources is important to ensure that students are able to cope effectively with the pressures of academic and social life. The implementation of fair and transparent financial policies is also crucial for preventing financial instability among students. Student lounges serve as important social spaces for students, and their redesign will provide a more welcoming and inclusive environment. The importance of physical health for students' overall well-being cannot be overstated, and improved access to affordable swimming facilities will encourage more students to make their health a priority. As a final measure, providing students with canteen vouchers will help ensure that all students have access to healthy meals at an affordable cost. By combining these proposals, we can create a campus community that is supportive and equitable.