Candidate for the position of Vice President for Wellbeing and Engagement

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James Mc Grath

Manifesto For Wellbeing and Engagement VP

James McGrath

Mental health

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Pack, distribute a digital resource pack which includes links to multiple resources; mental wellbeing, cognitive behavioural techniques, sleep, physical exercise, mindfulness and breathing techniques to reduce stress.
  • Work closely with VP for academic life to promote neuro diverse support systems and resources for students experiencing academic issues.
  • Promote suicide awareness and anti-bullying campaigns. Misconduct in the form of bullying and harassment should not be tolerated in any setting but I feel there is not enough emphasis on it in the 3rd level education setting.

Physical Health

  • Free College Cookbook, displaying simple, cost-effective healthy recipes aimed at students available in student union.  Many students when they move away from home do not know the basics of cooking and so eating healthy becomes less of an option as fast food is more convenient.
  • Exercise classes for all, e.g., bring spinning classes that were available on campus prior to the Covid Pandemic to promote fewer intimidating conditions for the female population in the college.
  • Food Bus (Lidl and Aldi etc.) that runs on a more frequent basis then previous years for students who do not drive and have limited access to public transport due to lecture hours or other active commitments.
  • Access for All, better access to exercise facilities within the college including the knocknarea gym with free trial periods for newly enrolled students.

Engagement and Inclusion

  • Promotion of newly established diverse inclusive societies and clubs to reduce social exclusion and to encourage students to explore new ideas and opportunities e.g., make use of old Wheat’s canteen for these activities (chess club).
  • Organised events for each month to promote international awareness days e.g., International Women’s Day.
  • SHAG Week: promotional events within the college and on social media with prizes and giveaways to create engagement about sexual health e.g., sex toy bingo loco.
  • Addiction awareness: Phone free and Alcohol-free events to show students there is an alternative method to having fun.

Open Door Policy

  • Monthly meetings or drop ins where any issues or suggestions from class reps are filtered back into the student’s union of where they can be implemented.
  • Direct in person communication with class representatives in the form of a well-being council or forum.
  • Non digital feedback, one to one interaction with any students needing advice, support, and resources.

Sexual health

  • STI Testing Kits, easier access to STI testing kits available in gender neutral bathrooms.
  • Break the Stigma, Campaign designed to open the conversation and remove the stigma associated with STI’s and proper condom use.
  • Increased availability of a variety of female sanitary products in the bathrooms.
  • Condom Locations, promotion of sexual health and safety through expansion of free condom dispenser location to all department locations within the college, as currently only available in student union.
  • Active consent training available for all students along with spiking awareness campaigns.